Company Profile
The RL TRADING s.r.l. company, has been constituted in the first months of 2010, to give continuity and to satisfy the demands of the of the footwear market in Russia and the rest of the countries CSI. The main office of RL TRADING s.r.l. is in Padua and it also has an office in Moscow.
It offers a commercial technical service of consultation and innovation to the producers of footwears, creating a technological bridge between ITALY and RUSSIA and the rest of the CSI countries, bringing an experience of over 30 years.
The commercial net expand itself also in UKRAINIAN and BIELORUSSIA and it is followed by local qualified staff coordinated from the office in Moscow. This commercial structure represents in these countries six Italian companies with different technologies - specializations of the footwear sector.
The RL TRADING s.r.l. boasts of a specialized technical support with an Italian staff able to satisfy any technical demand both in the existing and future plants and also offering upgrading and exchanges of machineries of over 20 years old.
The Italian Headquarters
The Russian Headquarters
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