A new company with over
40 years of experience


RL TRADING s.r.l. company, has been constituted in the first months of 2010, to give continuity and to satisfy the demands of the of the footwear market in Russia, Belorus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan. The main office of RL TRADING s.r.l. is in Padua and it also has an office in Moscow and Tashkent.

For the production of boots, sandals, overshoes, monocolour, bicolour and tricolour in different materials: thermoplastic, rubber, EVA, polyurethane and combined materials are employed rotative and linear machines.

The high technological performances and its sturdiness ensure a high quality product with a low productive cost.

The plant can be set up and the stations quantity can be chosen according to the demand of the producer.

40 years of experience and six Italian productive realities of excellence

RL Trading offers customers forty years of experience developed in the production of footwear by injection systems and today represents 6 avant-garde Italian companies, for machinery (main group) and others for molds, materials, accessories and various equipment, for a technologically complete offer.

Technical-commercial consultation for the technological innovation

RL Trading follow the client in the evaluation and in the choice of the machine, the equipments and the materials to allow to get him the maximum result in terms back of the investment, reliability of use and containment of the production costs.

Specialized technical

RL Trading follows the client both in the starting of the machine and in the post-sale, to guarantee service continuity, offering the requested exchanges and the necessary up-grades, also concerning third-party machines and old generation ones.

The commercial net expand itself also in UKRAINE BELARUS UZBEKISTAN

and it is followed by local qualified staff coordinated from the office in Moscow.

This commercial structure represents in these countries six Italian companies with different technologies and specializations.